Lily A

LILY “Lily was born on Thanksgiving at 6:45 PM! We had our beautiful homebirth – just like we dreamed – attended by the birth care midwives, birth assistant, and DC birth doula, Sarah. During my pregnancy I visited Dr. Andrino for prenatal chiropractic and visited the greater Washington breast-feeding center for lactation support even before baby arrived. Sharing these local folks with you because they were instrumental in our success. Lily arrived in about seven hours. I had spoken to her earlier that week about how easy and safe coming into the world would be for her – and for mommy. I jokingly said to her that she could come in seven hours if she’d like! And, well, she did! Will was an amazing birth partner! The class really helped to prepare him as well. When the labor began, I just gave myself over to whatever was to be. I felt free to be myself here in my home, with my husband supporting me. It was the most beautiful experience of my entire life – and sharing it with Will has made me love him deeper than I could’ve ever imagined I could love him. Thank you for all of the amazing resources you shared with us. We are so grateful that you were a part of our precious journey!” – Lily’s Mom

ELIJAH “On Elijah’s due date, my husband and I enjoyed a lovely, late morning. We shopped around the neighborhood to assemble a picnic basket of goodies, then walked over to Meridian Hill Park and enjoyed an unseasonably temperate day in the park. I had been having light surges for a few days and they intensified over the course of our picnic. Around 5:30 p.m. we returned home from our picnic. I told my husband to pack his hospital bag. I called my OB/GYN to let her know that my contractions had sped up and intensified. Recalling my intention for a natural birth, she instructed me to labor at home until I couldn’t manage the discomfort or until my surges were 1-2 minutes apart. I took a long shower and swayed my hips on my birth ball. My husband kept track of the intervals. Eventually, he advised me that it was time to go. I insisted on waiting until the laundry was out of the dryer. We made a quick trip and check-in to Sibley; check-in was at 10:55 p.m. I got dressed in the gown, laid on the bed, and was measured – 9 cm. dilated! I asked “When should I push?” and they responded, “You’ll know when you need to push.” I sat with that idea for just a few moments. I called the nurses back; “I’m ready,” I squeaked. I heard them say “It’s been no time at all – there’s no way she’s ready.” Lo and behold – 10 cm. They rushed to prepare the table and alert the doctor. Four gentle pushes later, Elijah was born at 12:07 a.m. on 3/19/2016 – 8 minutes late to his “due date.” The nurse remarked: “What birthing class did you take? I need to tell all our patients to go.” I told her about HypnoBirthing with Lori Nicholson. It was a mindblowing experience, with no tears, no yelling, no trauma. Thank you for your excellent guidance.” – Elijah’s Mom

NICHOLAS “Brandon and I welcomed Nicholas on May 16th! I am SO glad I took your course! I wanted a peaceful, calm birth and that is exactly what the course enabled me to have. I didn’t realize how much I would appreciate this, but your course helped me be confident and comfortable with ‘any turn my birthing takes.’ In a way, everything was normal―no ‘special circumstances’ thankfully―but there were a lot of things that didn’t go how I pictured them. I was in triage for 8 hours prior to getting to L&D, but I was so quiet up until then that the nurses didn’t realize I was even in active labor. So I actually labored cross-legged the whole time. None of the usual positions were comfortable to me and I couldn’t get a birthing ball. I thought I would want Brandon talking to me and doing massage―nope! I was in my own zone. And then in the 2nd stage, I wanted to push. I was on my back/semi-reclined, and I loved having the nurses and doctor cheer me on―none of which I expected beforehand. So needless to say, I’m definitely recommending HypnoBirthing, and bringing it up to Brandon’s (medical school) colleagues who are on ob-gyn rotations!” – Nicholas’s Mom

MELBA “Baby Melba was born almost exactly 24 hours after our meditation with eyes WIDE OPEN. Doctors and nurses were amazed how she appeared to “THRIVE” during surges (according to monitors). She was truly working with me – I breathed her down/pushed her out in 30 minutes. Luis was an amazing, supportive and intuitive partner. Thank you again for being such an important part of our daughter’s birth. The meditation we shared touched me deeply.” – Melba’s Mom

SEPH “We had a great birth! I labored at the house for 10 hours, arrived at the hospital 9 cm dilated and delivered little Seph in less than 2 hours. It was very empowering! Nicole was there along with Laura, our doula, and my midwife from Midwifery Care Associates. I had no medical intervention except ibuprofen afterwards. I was very happy with the experience!” – Seph’s Mom

ANNABEL “There was a lot of intense sensation and vocalizing, and it did not look anything like all the peaceful videos we saw. But in the end we had the home birth that we wanted and, more importantly, Annabel was allowed to come in her own time (even 2 1/2 weeks late and after 60 hours of labor) without medical intervention. I am so grateful to our midwife for her faith in the process and for supporting us in letting things take their course. The most valuable preparatory tool for me was the affirmations. I listened to the birth affirmations recording a lot and made flash cards to look at before I went to bed each night. The affirmations helped me with clearing fears and concerns as they arose in the final months and weeks of my pregnancy. It filled me with true joy to envision an easy birth and welcoming our baby. Labor was like nothing I’d experienced before or could have in any way anticipated. It grabbed hold, and like a roller coaster, there was no getting off until the ride was over. I did the Rainbow Relaxation a few times on my own and mainly focused on using the breathing techniques. I guess I could say that I was as prepared as I could be when I really could not know what it would be like until I experienced it. I am deeply appreciative of the view of birth and babies that HypnoBirthing teaches. It was exactly what I was looking for.” – Annabel’s Mom

Walker H.'s Photo

WALKER “I wanted to let you know that we have a son now, named Walker, and Evie is 2. I used HypnoBirthing for Walker’s birth and it was a really wonderful and powerful experience. I did a lot of walking, squatting, and listening to my HypnoBirthing CD. My midwife and doula were wonderful and pretty much kept silent and just breathed with me. They finally finished filling up the tub, and I then decided to get up and walk to the tub. As soon as I got on my feet, I felt Walker drop and felt the urge to push. I pushed during two contractions on my way to the tub, and then got into the water. I asked my midwife if the baby was coming and she told me to put my hand in between my legs. I could feel my baby’s head. That was amazing. I pushed once in the water and I kept saying “Come on my baby, you can come” in my head. The midwife then told me on my next push to reach down and grab my baby. I pushed once more and out came Walker. I scooped him up and looked at him and that’s when I realized he was a boy! I put him on my chest and just looked at him. I stayed in the water for a while, just enjoying him. He came out of the water so peacefully. He just looked around and didn’t even cry. It was an amazing experience. I felt strong and prepared, even when I was worried I couldn’t handle the labor any longer. The hypnosis and the breathing techniques were so helpful. My midwife said the reason she kept quiet and didn’t advise me, was because I was so Zen and in the zone, she didn’t want to interrupt the process. So I wanted to say THANK YOU for everything you taught me. It helped me during my first birth, second birth, breast feeding, and has even helped me during hard moments of parenting. I really enjoyed learning from you.” – Walker’s and Evie’s Mom

THOMAS “I had an AMAZING natural birth. I used some of the HypnoBirthing techniques, and I also just pulled from my own womanly self and the power that we naturally have…The moment when I knew I was fully dilated stands as the biggest relief and my proudest moment, apart from pushing out my baby! Speaking of which, I did feel like I pushed out my baby, which as we discussed in class, you told us we could do if we felt like it. It was, all in all, the most incredible experience and I am so glad that I had such wonderful tools to use throughout the birth. THANK YOU so much for everything you taught us and all the tools you gave us!” – Thomas’s Mom

ELIZABETH “I gave birth to our little Elizabeth Rose on October 20th. I had a wonderful natural birth at the BirthCare Center in Alexandria, Virginia. HypnoBirthing was amazing and I used relaxation and surge breathing, visualization etc. and it was so helpful. My doula said I was one of the most relaxed women she’s seen in labor. Our little girl is healthy and happy and is such a joy. Thanks for your class and teachings.” – Elizabeth’s Mom

Jack G

JACK “Our sweet baby Jack arrived on Thanksgiving! We can’t thank you enough for all that you taught us during our HypnoBirthing classes. I labored comfortably at home using techniques we learned from you. When we arrived at the hospital the nurses were surprised how calm and controlled I was as a first time mom. They were shocked to find out how far along and how close together my surges were. While we had some special circumstances during our delivery that required some medical intervention, our knowledge from the course kept us calm and feeling in control of the decisions being made. Despite the special circumstances, Joe was actually able to help receive the baby, announce his sex, and place him on my chest. Thank you for our perfect birth experience!” – Jack’s Mom

Charlotte D

CHARLOTTE “Shortly after my membranes released, I used the Rainbow Relaxation CD to work through early labor before heading to the hospital. My husband did a great job working with the scripts and talking me through the affirmations during my surges. I never felt in pain during the process and was pleased to become fully dilated and begin breathing baby down without any interventions or medication. Due to unforeseen complications, I did wind up with an emergency C-section. I was able to continue using the Rainbow Relaxation CD before and after surgery to soothe my nerves and find peace with this turn in my birthing story.” – Charlotte’s Mom

PELLA “We had such a beautiful, peaceful birth. No drugs and 30 hours of labor. We had nurses competing to attend to us–everyone was so happy to work a natural birth. The nurses and doctor all commented on how calm and composed I was. Ben was an amazing birth partner and, through the tools we learned in your class, helped me stay focused. Thank you for all of your help! We couldn’t have done this without you!” – Pella’s Mom

VALERIE “We had such an amazing labor and delivery thanks to your teachings. I felt so empowered. We put into practice everything you taught us; I loved the affirmations and the daily Rainbow Relaxation recordings. I could even say that I wasn’t in pain—just discomfort in my lower back. I labored at home for 4 hours. I was waiting to have painful waves to leave for the hospital, but my husband decided to take me to the hospital ‘before’ because he thought I was dehydrated. Thank goodness he did; otherwise, we’d have had a home birth. I got to the hospital at 9.5 cm dilated and I had the urge to push soon after arriving. Valerie was born in a quiet room, with dim light and soft music. It was a wonderful experience: no medication, no tears, all natural as we wished. How I would like more women to know that childbirth is a wonderful experience that can be enjoyed and cherished, and that HypnoBirthing can help them to achieve it.” – Valerie’s Mom

VIVIENNE “The labor and delivery was everything I hoped it would be. Thanks to HypnoBirthing I was able to go without drugs. The midwife and the nurse simply watched Dave and I go through the process and only intervened when asked until it was time for delivery. I ended up being a semi-celebrity in the unit. The midwife said it was the best vaginal birth she had ever seen and several other midwives and doctors visited with me after the birth to ask about HypnoBirthing.” – Vivienne’s Mom

TANOOR “After a long wait, baby Tanoor finally arrived last week! Overall it was a beautiful and calm home birth, thanks to our midwives and your excellent HypnoBirthing instruction. We experienced about two days of ‘practice’ labor surges and a full day of active labor. Damel helped me breathe through each surge and we used our own soothing music (Bob Marley, etc.) and visualizations (based on HypnoBirthing techniques) as the surges intensified. When our midwife, Kai, arrived at our home she was surprised to find me 7cm dilated because I was so calm on the phone and in the tub breathing through surges. Finally when I was fully dilated I had the urge to push and ended up pushing baby Tanoor out rather than breathing him down… Damel received him. We are so happy and continue to be in complete awe of him and his beautiful birth. While I won’t say that it was painless, it was a wonderfully calm and joyful experience. We’re both glad to have done it at home, where we were comfortable and surrounded with TLC from my parents and sister. I just wanted to share the news and say a big THANK YOU for being such a great bearer of the HypnoBirthing wisdom.” – Tanoor’s Mom

Otto C

OTTO “Just wanted to let you know we had our baby! His name is Otto, he was born on August 20 at 12:11pm, and he was 6lbs 13oz. GW was great; they were so supportive. I got to the hospital and was 6cm dilated. They were all so impressed that I was up walking around and comfortable when I came in and throughout the whole birth. Word got out that I was having a natural birth and several people were just coming in to check it out and see how calm I was. Both of our nurses said that they’ve helped to deliver a lot of babies and this was the most peaceful, calm and happy birth they’d ever been part of and thanked us for letting them be a part of it. Our experience was everything we wanted and more. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for teaching us and being a part of this fantastic journey.” – Otto’s Mom

Collin F

COLLIN “The birth went just as planned—even better actually! Although it was tough to not be reminded of the difficulty and pain from my first birth, the HypnoBirthing worked incredibly well! Almost too well! I was expecting more pain than I experienced and so we were slow to leave for the hospital. I went through transition in the car, and he was born less than 30 minutes after arriving at the hospital. He came so quick and easily (thanks to HypnoBirthing) that the car was still illegally parked in front of the ER and we were not officially checked into the hospital when he was born! Thank you so much for taking the time to do the training. It made all the difference in the world!” – Collin’s Mom

Isabelle R

ISABELLE “Lori, we cannot thank you enough for giving us all of the tools we needed for a wonderful, natural birthing experience with our first daughter! Looking back, I am absolutely amazed at how close my actual birthing experience was to the one I visualized throughout my pregnancy—right down to the amount of time I spent in labor! I experienced surges for about two hours at home, went to the hospital, and after about thirty minutes in L&D I was breathing baby down! The nurses were shocked when I told them I was breathing the baby down because of how calm and collected I was! The birth of our daughter was so peaceful and exactly what we had hoped for, and now we are anxiously awaiting another great HypnoBirthing experience with our second daughter who is on the way! Thank you so much Lori!” – Isabelle’s Mom

EVELYN “We had Ms. Evelyn last weekend! She is a perfect little peanut–only 5 lbs. 7 oz. and 18 inches. I practiced breathing and relaxation every day for months and I’ll tell you what, our labor was 2 hours long, my back only hurt for 1 hour, and I only breathed her down 6 times! The HypnoBirthing method has to have gotten something right!” – Evelyn’s Mom

Cora M

CORA • “All in all, it was a fairly incredible experience. I didn’t really know, going into it, how well all the techniques would work, how well I would hold up to labor and birth, or how I would feel about HypnoBirthing at the end of it all. But I can say that I’m thrilled and really found so much of what we learned in class and from the book and exercises to be so helpful. I am really proud of how I – and how David and I as a couple – worked with the techniques and with each other and Allison to have a birth experience that was focused, calm, and I think that left Cora and David and I all much less stressed and in need of recovery than we otherwise might have been. Furthermore, I think the HypnoBirthing practice and the birth experience itself brought David and I closer as a couple in a way that maybe I hadn’t anticipated. Even during pushing, we were cracking jokes and telling stories to our midwives (in between pushes) and being positive and supportive. I never snapped at him once. I never snapped at anyone, for that matter. I never lost my focus, I never thought ‘I can’t do this anymore’… Hence my desire to share this feedback with you. I know we had a great team; the midwives and Allison were fantastic and I couldn’t have hoped for better support from them or from David…But I know that the HypnoBirthing techniques were a huge contributor to our success and I want to thank you for all your instruction and wisdom and the practice we had in class and your extra guidance on gestational diabetes. All of it gave me confidence, took away fear, and gave me practical tools and contributed in a big way toward a positive outcome.” – Cora’s Mom

Hazel M

HAZEL • “Thank you Lori for all the warm wishes! We learned so much from you and we are so glad that we had the tools for such a wonderful birth. We started feeling surges on Tuesday and labored at home until late Wednesday. I would have been lost without the breathing and relaxation techniques. I was having surges every 8-9 minutes all night, but was able to sleep between them so I rested surprisingly well. Jason gave me light touch massage and it actually took most of the tightening completely away! Hazel Mae was welcomed to the world at 11:40 pm and we immediately enjoyed skin to skin where she cooed and purred while I read (from memory) our favorite bed time story and we played a recording of a music box she heard from the womb each night. She was very alert and wondered at the bright, loud world. We are beyond happy with the entire experience and I cannot thank you enough for all the experience and techniques you provided us with.” – Hazel’s Mom

Violet OVIOLET• “After more than 39 hours of labor, Dennis and I used our HypnoBirthing techniques to stick to our birth plan and to not speed up the natural process. My mother and sister were a part of our birth experience and couldn’t stop commenting on how they thought I was ‘asleep’ in between surges while I was breathing her down. Thanks for the great class experience. I don’t think I could have made it the entire 39 hours without my breathing techniques/scripts/rainbow relaxation.” – Violet’s Mom


ANGELO “At 5 am I was really having surges so I got in the shower. By 7 am I was already 7 cm and dilating very fast. I was dilating so fast that we ended up having an unplanned home birth! Our baby boy, Angelo, was born ‘en caul’ at 9:12 am. I just wanted to thank you again. It was awesome working with you and I really couldn’t have done it without you and the HypnoBirthing technique. It was a wonderful experience for both of us and I would highly recommend to all pregnant women. I am very, very happy about how things turned out and I wanted to let you know that you’re doing a wonderful job!” – Angelo’s Mom

CAELIN • “My midwives said I should be the spokesperson for HypnoBirthing. I was so calm that they weren’t sure if I was even having surges (contractions). Thanks so much for teaching me the tenets of HypnoBirthing. The birthing experience we had was superb!” – Caelin’s Mom

Grace relaxes after her gentle birthGRACE • “Thank you for your ‘refresher’ help and support. Her birth was amazing! Very fast (checked in at hospital at 4pm, baby delivered 7pm). What was most different from my experience with Boden was better utilizing the breathing down. It was a really big difference to really use the breathing down and I felt really in my body the whole time. In general the atmosphere was calm and just what we could have asked for (no IV, some time in tub, listening to my body in how I wanted to finally deliver). I used the HypnoBirthing breathing from start to finish, and the imaging much more this time as well. The midwife and nurse were really fantastic and supportive and apparently so happy to have a natural birth like that. I had a wonderful experience and again am so thankful to you for sharing these tools with us!!” – Grace’s Mom

Boden-H1BODEN • “I want to quickly thank you and let you know that the birthing experience exceeded my expectations and I totally attribute that to the work we did with you and HypnoBirthing! The labor was very fast, and I found the breathing techniques very helpful and effective for the surges. The main thing was I felt very calm. My doctor commented later that he didn’t believe I was in labor because I was so calm, and all of the nurses kept also being surprised as things progressed. Anyway, a big, huge THANK YOU!!” – Boden’s Mom 


KAYLEE “We took a HypnoBirthing class with Lori, and it was a wonderful experience. As the husband and father, I was skeptical at first. I did not know much about HypnoBirthing, and was unsure of what to expect. Let me assure you, that HypnoBirthing is an amazing experience, and is definitely a great choice as birthing preparation. HypnoBirthing is about using meditation and relaxation to create the birth of your choice. It is entirely empowering to go through this course and feel like you can design the experience. Lori is really enthusiastic, and teaches with active engagement. This is not a course for one to simply observe. You are an active participant the entire time. By the time we finished the course, we felt absolutely prepared and very comfortable with what was to happen with our birth. Having been through the course, I would never have a birth class any other way. Other birth classes focus on how can you survive the birth – HypnoBirthing focuses on how can you enjoy the birth. That emphasis places this class at a completely different level than most other birth classes. Seriously imagine that – enjoying the labor and delivery process. That is what a HypnoBirthing class with Lori will teach you. To all the partners of mothers to be – you are an integral part of the birth process. Never forget how important your positive assistance is to your partner. Give the HypnoBirthing process a serious shot because it is the strongest method out there of connecting with your partner and child. I started skeptical, and can entirely recommend the process!” – Kaylee’s Dad

Sufiyan CSUFIYAN • “We kicked some HypnoBirthing butt. I tell you, Lori, it carried us through and was the most beautiful experience of our lives! We are devoted HypnoBirthing followers and it has truly changed our lives. Thank you for taking us on this journey. I can’t say how much we appreciated your help and just being there for us.” – Sufiyan’s Mom


Sanaa JSANAA • “My baby decided that she couldn’t wait and came on the day I turned 37 weeks! It was crazy because I was having contractions when I was home and they were getting pretty bad, and during the whole time my husband constantly was reminding me about the breathing techniques which really helped because they kept me calm. When I arrived at the hospital, the nurse whom I saw didn’t believe that I was having contractions because I was smiling, so she just brushed it off and said they were probably Braxton Hicks. When the midwife came to the room I was 8 cm! Even I had to ask her to repeat that, because I did not believe I was in labor. In between the contractions I was laughing and talking to the nurses; they said I was their best patient that night. I was admitted at 12 am and she came into this world at 1:13 am. She came so calmly she didn’t even cry! My mother, who is a midwife, said I birth better than her because I was so calm. She said, ‘From now on I’m telling all my patients to do HypnoBirthing!’ I just wanted to thank you because honestly without your help and the books I don’t think I would have been able to do it with no medication.” – Sanaa’s Mom

“It was a beautiful birth! My water broke at 8:45 a.m. We got to the hospital at around 11:00 a.m. and I progressed from 3 to 10 cm in 1.5 hours. My husband and I used a lot of the HypnoBirthing breathing and visualization techniques, which were a godsend. Even the nurse was in tears, as it was truly an emotional and beautiful birth. We cannot thank you enough for everything!” – William’s Mom


SANTANA • “I am so appreciative of what Lori and HypnoBirthing gave to me. I had a wonderful birth which lasted a short 4.5 hours and was very peaceful. I feel like I was well prepared to offer my new baby a calm and joyful birthday!” – Santana’s Mom

LulaLULA • “I am so thankful to have taken the Hypnobirthing course with Lori! The techniques we learned and knowledge we gained from the course empowered us to have the birth we wanted. I felt calm and confident heading to the hospital the night our baby girl, Lula, was born. Lula never cried and looked right at us when she came out. She remains the calm and peaceful baby that arrived that day. Thank you to Lori for the techniques we needed for a beautiful birth!” – Lula’s Mom


Daniel-FDANIEL • “Thank you so much for accommodating us! Your private class was a wonderful experience. Using the HypnoBirthing relaxation techniques that we learned in class helped us to bring our large baby (11 pounds!) into this world naturally. Looking forward to the upcoming infant massage class with you!” – Daniel’s Mom and Dad


Reese-GREESE • “The HypnoBirthing was fantastic! Lynn was in the zone through the long transition period and was practically sleeping between surges. The midwife and hospital staff were amazed that she was so relaxed through it all and that the baby’s heart rate was so calm throughout the entire process… We are happy to report that we had the calm natural birth that we were looking for and Lynn is doing great, with minimal pain/soreness. We are now looking forward to the great journey of parenthood after a great start that was everything we could have wanted!” – Reese’s Dad


Daisy-J.s-photoDAISY • “I am so grateful we took this class; it was so much help during labor. It also helped Matt get very involved with preparing for birth. While I was in the tub, Matt read me the HypnoBirthing relaxation script. It was amazing. I was so relaxed that two hours passed and I thought it had been five minutes. I was in heaven!” – Daisy’s Mom


ABBY • “My husband and I highly recommend that all parents-to-be take this HypnoBirthing class even if you are having a C-section or are considering other birthing options. We were first-time forty-something parents-to-be with very high-stress careers. We had no idea what to expect, but we knew we wanted a positive birth experience. We also had some fears and anxiety about becoming parents and with delivery…who wouldn’t! The classes not only gave us tools that helped us stay calm and focused through the delivery, they helped us relax ahead of time so we could really enjoy the months leading up to it. I ended up having a C-section for medical reasons and we knew ahead of time. So Lori worked with us on preparing for that. Her calm, skillful training techniques helped me talk to my daughter and prepare her for delivery day. My daughter had not moved into position for delivery and my doctor wanted to deliver 2 weeks early. I used the techniques Lori taught us to calm our daughter and encourage her to turn into position. On delivery day, she was in position and ready to go! When she came out the nurses remarked about how calm me, my husband and our baby were! It was a great experience. We also continue to use the breathing techniques with our daughter to help her get rid of hiccups and calm down before bedtime. After returning to work, I plan to use the techniques to help me keep stress down at the office! We give an A+ to this wonderful class and this particular instructor!” – Abby’s Mom and Dad

Huck-O.s-photoHUCK • “We had a totally natural birth and I was in labor for just about ten hours total. I have to admit, after practicing and trying to learn the different relaxation, deepening and visualization techniques, I’m not sure I consciously used any of them! But the whole positive, relaxed attitude and surge breathing served me very well during labor. I just remember thanking God for each surge as it came and for the amazing process of which we were a part. We can’t thank you enough for your positivity, encouragement and knowledge. Thank you for helping us make this such a wonderful experience!” – Huck’s Mom 


Alexander-K.s-photoALEXANDER • “I feel very fortunate that we came across the HypnoBirthing method at the right time during pregnancy and were able to take a class with you with plenty of weeks left to practice. I found the relaxation techniques and meditation extremely helpful as it allowed me to stay calm and relaxed during the weeks prior to labor and anticipate the big event with excitement and positive thoughts. During labor, HypnoBirthing tools helped maintain relaxation and resulted in a fairly fast labor process where I did not even realize how far I had progressed. Thank you, Lori, for sharing your knowledge and personal inspiration that allowed us to have a peaceful and happy birthday of our baby boy!” – Alexander’s Mom

ANNALIVIA • “I want you to know how much we appreciate all of your support. The breathing and visualization techniques we learned in our HypnoBirthing class were so helpful and centering during Annalivia’s birth. I can’t thank you enough. [Annalivia] continues to be that peaceful baby we first met; she only cries to let us know that she is hungry, and maintains the sweetest disposition when she is awake. We feel so blessed!” – Annalivia’s Mom

Sun-Callen-baby-and-Karen-Ps-PhotoCALLEN • “I used the HypnoBirthing techniques during the labor and it helped tremendously! … Using the surge breathing and relaxing my jaw with coaching from [my husband] and one of the nurses had amazing impact on the effect of the surges. We had the natural birth that we hoped for and have an alert, relaxed baby. We are so thankful that we found you and the HypnoBirthing program. Your class allowed us to have the birthing experience we hoped for.” – Callen’s Mom


Connor-H.s-PhotoCONNOR • “We are so thankful for the teachings of HypnoBirthing. It made Connor’s birth truly a team effort. We can say we did it together. I couldn’t have done it without my husband. I experienced all of the benefits of HypnoBirthing. I didn’t realize I was in labor until about five hours before Connor’s birth; we were at the hospital less than three hours. Labor was easy and quick…I would not change a thing. I am forever grateful to you for teaching us the HypnoBirthing techniques; because of what we learned we created exactly the birth we wanted.” – Connor’s Mom